For short pitches around the green, it is important to influence your trajectory and spin rate. This will control how quickly the ball stops or how far it will roll out. Training the ability to change your spin and trajectory are the main goals of this segment.

Theory of Spin Rate

Let’s understand how spin is generated and what the most common mistakes are, when players want to generate more spin.

Theory of Spin

In theory the bigger the gap between Dynamic Loft and Attack Angle is, the more Spin is generated. Hitting down on the ball and with high loft at impact will create a lot of spin. This is the theory behind spin.

Less Loft and Steep Angle

But, the more players usually hit down, the less loft they have at impact, reducing spin in the end. Plus it is very difficult to make good contact when the leading edge hits first into the ground. This motion creates a lot of forward shaft lean.

Reusable technique

Play with a technique that can be used for all pitch shots.

Same movement for all shots

For pitches hit with a flat attack angle at the ball. This makes it much easier to make contact with the ball and can still generate enough spin. You can use the same motion for all pitches.

Shallow and Long Divot

See how long the club slides on the ground. This makes it much easier to make contact. Even if you sometimes make bad contact and hit in front of the ball. The club will slide to the ball.

Two shots will be learned in this segment

Skill development: Low spin rate – Low trajectory

The Running Pitch is played as often as possible, in all situations were you have enough space to let the ball roll to the target.

It can be played with all wedges.

For a Running Pitch start with a Pitching Wedge. The ball can fly on a low trajectory, the goal is to get the ball to roll out on the green. This should be your standard pitch.

The club slides on the ground and makes contact with a shallow divot.

This generates a ball which flies low and rolls out. (Low Spin)

Skill development: High spin rate – Mid Trajectory

The Spinning Pitch is played when the ball has to stop as quickly as possible.

It can be played with all Wedges.

Preferred Club is a Gap Wedge, since this creates the most amount of Spin. It has exactly enough loft to create spin but not so much loft that the ball will slide underneath club face.

The club slides on the ground and makes contact with a lot of loft.

This generates a lot of spin, since the gap between Dynamic Loft and Attack Angle is big enough. (High Spin)


Short Pitch: 5 Training Sessions

These 5 Training Sessions can be spread out over 2-4 weeks, depending on how often you train.

  • Before starting the training revisit how to train and the training concept

  • Apply the 20 | 20 | 20  minutes rule

  • Combine this training plan with one long game skill

Train ‘Short Pitch’