(1) Knowledge Putting

For Putting it is very important to know, in which area you are actually training.

3 Different Areas

What is important for each area?

Speed | Direction | Green Reading

90% Direction | 10% Speed
Green Reading: One specific point
Goal: To hole the ball

40% Direction | 60% Speed
Green Reading: One specific point
Goal: To hole the ball, with ideal speed

5% Direction | 95% Speed
Green Reading: An area
Goal: Into a radius of 3ft

Learn how to train each area in the detailed sections

Remember that speed outweighs accuracy. For mid putts you need speed to hole the putt.
For long putts you need speed to roll the ball into an area.

(2) Set-up Putting

It is very important to have a simple and comfortable putting set-up. This is why, I consider three things as important. The rest can be in your individual style.

Eyes on the Target Line or inside the target line

Be able to rotate your head on spine axis. You should be able to see the target, without tilting your body.

Hands should work in the same direction.

Grip both hands straight on shaft

Both hands should work together

(3) Video

Check out what Padraig Harrington says on his YouTube channel about:

Putting Technique