Three areas are important for good Chip Shots:

Skill development: Ability to use the bottom of the club

You have to make sure that the club slides on the ground. This is the most important thing when you hit a chip shot.

Skill development: Distance Control

Select different clubs and find the advantages of each club.

Chips can be played with all clubs in the bag.

Start with a 9-iron.

Skill development: Assess your lie and select your club

The chip shot that you play is depending on the Lie and Pin Position. Select your club based on these criteria.


Chip: 5 Training Sessions

These 5 Training Sessions can be spread out over 2-4 weeks, depending on how often you train.

  • Before starting the training revisit how to train and the training concept

  • Apply the 20 | 20 | 20  minutes rule

  • Combine this training plan with one long game skill

Train Chip