The iron skill calculator evaluates your performance for approach shots.

You can also use Hybrids and Woods for your approach shots in this analysis.

Let’s get started


  • Step 1: Select a position where you hit your shots from: “Fairway” or “Rough” lie
  • Step 2: Measure “Total Shot Distance”
  • Step 3: Hit 5 Shots and walk to the green.
  • Step 4: Remove the two best balls and the two worst balls.
  • Step 5: Only the median ball needs to be measured. Measure “Median Remaining Distance”
  • Step 6: Insert “Total Shot Distance” & “Median Remaining Distance” into shot calculator to evaluate your skills.

You can test different lies

Skill Calculator – Evaluate your performance

Select your Ball Lie:

Analyze all areas

It is important, to analyze which area has the biggest potential for improvement. Then you decide to train Distance Control or Direction.

For a complete test, I would recommend to hit 30 shots, 5 Shots per area:

Area 1: 60-80 yds or m
Area 2: 80-100 yds or m
Area 3: 100-125 yds or m
Area 4: 125-150 yds or m
Area 5: 150-175 yds or m
Area 6: 175-200 yds or m

You can record yards or meter. Just be careful to stay in one system.

After you have evaluated all areas, train the area which has the highest number of shots.

What is your common mistake: Distance Control or Direction?

Distance Control

The distance to a certain length varies a lot

For a example a 130 target

And shots of 65, 105, 110, 130.


Every shot more or less the same distance but left and right

For example a 130 target

And shots of 127 (25 left), 128 (4 left), 132 (5 right) and 136 (18 right)

Select which area you want to work on

Additional information

Hit 5 Balls to a target.

Walk to the green, the balls will be at different distances to pin.

Remove the two best balls and the two worst balls.

Only the median ball needs to be measured.

For example: You would have 16 meter as a median value.

Measure the median for each shot category.

Measuring only the median gives you a realistic result how good your performance is.