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You already learned in the segment of how to train that there a different ways to practice.

Let’s take a look how these are used in the training plans.

This is the part where you are trying to repeat a specific skill. We start every training plan with Basics. Repeat this even when you think your basics are good.

This is the main part of each training plan. Here we use random and differential drills to practice. In the training plan sessions 2 to 7. These drills are really difficult and you might have the feeling that you are not getting better. But this is only because the difficulty is much higher than with block practice. This is preparing you to play and increases your skill level to correct shots intuitively.

This is usually session 8 to 10. Here you want to focus on getting it all together. You want to use your skills in an intuitive way.

You also have playing sessions in between, I would strongly advise to play during your training sessions and focus on the specific skills that you learned. Don’t focus on score. Measure at the end of the training plan, if you have improved in this skill.

Background on random and differential practice

During practice you will realise that these random drills are more difficult. This is only because the drills are much harder to perform. At the end of each training plan, multiple research has shown that the results with random practice outperform block practice by a lot.

Let’s take a look

One group practices in block mode (red) and one practices in random mode (blue).

Block group (red) practices to hit the Driver straight. Random group (blue) practices to hit curves with the Driver.

The block group (red) is actually better at performing their individual task. Hit Driver straight.

The random group (blue) is actually worse, they try all different random drills, like hitting a curve left and right.

If we test those two groups after two weeks and give them both the task of hitting the driver straight.

The blue group outperforms the red group. Although the random group never practiced to hit it straight.

It gets even more dramatic when we give the two groups different tasks. Like hit a Fade or Draw. Then the random group outperforms the red by a lot.

The block group (red) is actually worse then in training, this is why you constantly have the feeling that you are not playing good on the course. Because you have been practicing wrong.

Different Levels of Training

Consider the different levels of training plans. You can start on which level you want to.

Mistakes happen

You can only improve if you allow mistakes. Your brain will prevent any motor learning skills during your practice sessions when you get frustrated, angry or cautious.

Focus heavily on the drills and let mistakes happen. Enjoy your training and have fun trying out the drills. This is the best approach to learn new things.

Training plans are all the same?

You might realise that the training plans don’t contain any handicap categories. Actually the drills can be the same for a 110 shots player or a 90 shots player.

The only difference will be that a better player is using a faster swing speed and is able to hit it farther. This makes it more difficult for a better player.

But the drills are the same. Difficulty comes with Speed and more Distance when you repeat the plans. So you could run through a couple of plans in one season and then start the next season to do the plans again with your new skills.

Still not convinced ?

My advice is, try the training plans. Finish one training plan from Session 1 to Session 10. Even if you think that during the training it is really difficult and you want to go back, to just hitting your ball straight.

After fulfilling one training plan, come back and evaluate if you are better in this specific area and skill.