Train a straight ball?

Let’s assume a perfect world and you could always hit a perfect straight ball. Then of course you would just practice this shot and you could use it on every hole and hit it into every fairway.

The problem is, nobody is that consistent, not even the PROs. If you aim straight at every hole you have the problem that the ball could go in 5 ways.

(1) Hook | (2) Pull | (3) Straight | (4) Push | (5) Slice

4 Different Drives

The idea is to develop two Ball curves first. A ball that is always right of your intended target line and a ball that is always left of your intended target line.

You might ask yourself why?

While you trained on Driver Direction, you have probably realized that either a Fade or a Draw is easier for you. Let’s say a Fade is easier for you. Then you want to hit that Fade as often as you can.

In case there are trees on the left side of your tee box you cannot hit a Fade, then you will use a Draw.

Let’s look at some examples

Straight Hole – Hit your favourite shot:

Could be a Fade

Or could be a Draw

Obstacles on the right that you cannot hit over, choose a Fade

Obstacles on the left that you cannot hit over, choose a Draw

After you have trained on your two curves.
We will develop ”the Fairway Finder” and “the Bomb

Make sure that you have trained on Driver Direction.

Start to train on your preferred curve. For example if you prefer a Fade, start with the Fade and then train a Draw.

Select where to start