The approach for hitting a straight shot, is to train hitting left and right. Eventually, you can also hit a straight shot.

In the beginning, don’t practice a straight shot!

One main factor to improve Direction

Skill development: Ability to change your face angle

Face Angle determines with 75% where the ball starts with an Iron. To improve Direction, train your face angle awareness.

Club Path is the other 25%, we will train this together with Face Angle.

Another directional factor is impact. Let’s assume you hit it in the center most of the times, otherwise start with Distance Control and Impact Location.

Make sure that you can hit your irons more or less the same distance every time. You only have a challenge with direction, otherwise start with Distance Control.


Iron – Direction: 10 Training Sessions

These 10 Training Sessions can be spread out over 4-8 weeks, depending on how often you train.

  • Before starting the training revisit how to train and the training concept

  • Apply the 20 | 20 | 20  minutes rule

  • Combine this training plan with one short game skill or do a short break in between

  • Start this training plan with one specific iron or hybrid. You can repeat this training plan with multiple clubs the second time.

Train Iron Direction