If you train for Distance I would not consider Direction.

I repeat focus on DISTANCE only!

Three Factors to create Distance

Skill Development: Ability to change Clubhead Speed

In the beginning, it is only about clubhead speed. Distance comes in combination with all three factors.

A functional grip is important to create maximum clubhead speed!

Skill Development: Ability to change your Angle of Attack

Second factor you have to minimise spin in order to hit long Drives. You achieve this by hitting with an upwards motion at the ball which reduces Spin.

Reduced Spin gives you maximum distance

Skill development: Ability to change your impact location

In order to maximize distance, the last part is to optimize center strikes. The more you hit the middle of the club, the more energy is transferred into the ball.


Driver – Distance: 10 Training Sessions

These 10 Training Sessions can be spread out over 4-8 weeks, depending on how often you train.

  • Before starting the training revisit how to train and the training concept

  • Apply the 20 | 20 | 20  minutes rule

  • Combine this training plan with one short game skill or do a short break in between

  • For this training plan, you need Impact Tapes for your Driver

Train Driver Distance