The long game caller brings randomness into your training. It varies distances, curves and different lies of a shot. This simulates different shots for irons, woods or hybrids. You can select multiple parameters or only one.

Long Game Caller

Select number of targets:

Select height:
Select curves:
Select lies:

Your next shot:

Additional Infos

Select how many targets you have. Then measure each target and insert it into the target fields.

Start with 2 or 3 targets and then continuously increase the number of targets throughout your practice sessions.

Consider to hit more than 100 meters or yards when you try to hit curves.

Are you able to hit all 9 ball curves?

Imagine 9 corridors in the air.

Hit different shots, all landing at the same target.

for example a mid height and straight ball.

a high and straight shot

a mid and left to right curving ball

Practice all 9 shot curves and try to land the ball at the same target.


Find out which shots you are able to perform and which are difficult for you. This helps you on the course to evaluate risk and reward scenarios.

3 different lies are used:

You can use irons, woods and hybrids to hit your shots. It’s about training to hit shots on the ground to a target. Could be a short approach shot with an iron or a fairway wood as a second shot on a PAR 5.