Take these simple tests for short, mid and long putts

There are 3 skill calculators to evaluate your performance for all putts.

Short Putts: 0-6 ft

Test Short Putts from different positions:
10x 4ft  |  10x 6ft

Skill Calculator – Short Putts

Choose Short-Putt Distance


Your skill level for this distance is equal to a player with:

Mid Putts: 5-15 ft

Mid Putts from different positions:
10x 10ft  |  10x 15ft

What can happen with each putt?

Skill Calculator – Mid Putts

Enter your results during the mid-putt test:

One Putt
Two-Putts,first long
Two-Putts,first short
Three-Putts,or more

Your skill level for Mid Putts is equal to a player with:

Long Putts: 15-60 ft

How do you measure?

Measure “Remaining” from ball to outside of hole and be very accurate with this measure.

Test Recommendation

Find 10 putts from 5 to 20 meters or yards. Which are:

Even | Uphill | Downhill | Side Breaking

Consider to measure the initial distance to hole with a range finder. Or take steps from the hole.

In the calculator the “remaining” can be entered in decimal values. For example 0.6, 1.6 or 2.5 yards or meters.

Skill Calculator – Long Putts

Enter Distance and Remaining Distance for each putt:

Distance to hole
[m or yds]
[m or yds]

Your skill level for Long Putts is equal to a player with:

After all tests, select which area you want to work on: