The skill calculator evaluates your performance for tee shots.

You can also use Iron, Hybrids or Woods for your tee shots. However, make sure that the target is a fairway.

Let’s get started


  • You can perform this on a driving range or an actual hole on the course. Find a wide fairway.
  • Step 1: Choose a target in the middle of the fairway
  • Step 2: Hit 5 tee shots
  • Step 3: Measure “Total” and “Side” for each shot and be very accurate for “Side”
  • Step 4: Insert “Total” & “Side” for each shot into the calculator to evaluate your skills.

The calculator works in yards and meters, so you can record which ever you are used to. Just be careful to stay in one system.

You can also hit shots on the range and then measure the distance and side of these shots. Although it is probably easier to measure and test on a wide fairway on the course.

Skill Calculator – More Distance or better accuracy?

Hit 5 shots and record total and side of each shot:

[m or yds]
[m or yds]

Based on your distance, your skill level for hitting tee shots is equal to a player with:

Recommendation what you should train:

Repeat for 3-4 times

You should repeat this measuring process of 5 shots for at least 3-4 times to get a valid result. You need approximately 15 to 20 Drives. You can repeat the complete process in multiple training sessions to account for different daily performances. If you are always on one side you can be certain that you have to train this area.

Distance outweighs accuracy

In case your result is sometimes Direction and sometimes Distance. Then focus on a Distance based training. After this, you can always improve your accuracy.

Select which area you want to work on

Additional Information

Developing players

Beginner and youth training should focus on improving clubhead speed. Do not fear to loose accuracy. A player will automatically adjust with more accuracy over time.

Distance is a major factor for better scores

In general, training for distance is a huge advantage, the top 10 players in driving distance on the PGA tour in 2019 include names such as Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas. Your main aim should be to train for distance, since 1 mph in clubhead speed leads to 3yds more distance with your driver.

When you have more golf balls in a lake or trees then on the fairway you cannot play a decent round. So the big question is, when do you train for accuracy and when do you train for distance?

With the calculator you can judge when to train for distance or when to train for direction.