The putt caller brings randomness into your training. It varies distances, slope and break of a putt. This simulates different putts. You can select multiple parameters or only one.

Putt Caller


Select Slopes
Select Breaks

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Additional Infos

There are different distance that you can train:

Short Putts: 2-6 feet or 4-8 feet for advanced players

Mid Putts: 5-15 feet

Long Putts: 15-60 feet

Consider this table to measure your long putts with a range finder.

If you only train long putts, set the caller from 4 to 20 and use yards and meter.

You can select breaks from:

“Right to Left”


“Left to Right”

Choose if you want to train all breaks or particular breaks.

You can select:




Choose if you want to train all slopes or particular slopes.